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It's Like a Lapdance for the Soul

Episode 333: Dr. Anthony Murphy

Dr. Anthony Murphy is one of my favorite guests. He's always trying some new multi-level marketing system, usually dealing with some kind of naturo-pathic snake oil. The calls with him tended to devolve into infomercials which I tried to derail by being way, way out there. But he would always press on.

This time, he's selling some kind of holistic coffee crap made of mushrooms. No matter what your ailment, he would say "drink the coffee!" Jack eventually suggested it could cure AIDS, which the good Dr., to his credit, said that the coffee could not do. But, it does boost your immune system, and if you got a good immune system you could just about whoop anything!


Gunther Floating Corpse Community College in Floating Corpse, Rhode Island is on with information about "Mushroom Capping", a new fad in colleges involving the use of magic mushrooms as a lubricant.


Gulliver is a strange cajun sounding guy who wants to explore every conceivable way to get high.


Rutger from Spread Cheeks, Oregon is on to talk about the possibility of using the herbal coffee as an enema.

As the good Dr. goes on to make his pitch, various sounds emenate in the background.  We went there early and often.

Dr. Clive Boddicker

Dr. Boddicker is on to talk about the upside of electroshock therapy.

Episode 203: Jack from BackHacks

A guy named Jack ran, which is a site teaching about "reverse speech". The basic idea is that when you play someone's speech backwards, you'll hear the true intention of what they're saying. He teaches it as an actual science. Yeah.

And strangely, he also ran, which is a web site selling the secret to male multiple orgasm.

That's all 100% true.


Eugene wants to know if the reason the voices in his head are backwards is because they're sent that way by the radio towers that feed them into his head or if his own mind reverses them because he is clinically insane.

And he goes exploring into one of his cats to remove the radio transmitter from it.

Episode 172: (not really) "Macho Man" Randy Savage

"The Macho Man" Randy Savage is on to talk about kicking ass and eating Slim Jims.



Ed wants to be the Macho Man so bad that he eats tons of Slim Jims and punches himself in the neck to get his voice like that.

Episode 146: Simone from "Make Me Yours"

"Simone" from "Make Me Yours" is selling a service online where she will be a "virtual girlfriend", sending artifacts of girlfriend-hood and leaving messages for your friends to hear as proof of her existence.


Frank from Snippets, Wisconsin tells a story of a fellow he met in jail who was there for killing a woman who offered a similar service on eBay.

Episode 310: Brother Jim

Brother Jim is a man who wrote to Pastor Jack with his tale of heartbreak.  He had recently broken up with a younger co-worker and would like the prayers and advice from Pastor Jack's audience.


Todd calls to offer his support and a prayer for Jim.  He also thinks Oceans Twelve was an abomination.

Episode 345: Henry the Star Wars Fan

Henry is a Star Wars nerd who hates Star Wars.

This was recorded the day after "Revenge of the Sith" was released.

Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Henry explains why Star Trek is a lame fantasy while Star Wars is a religious experience akin to the bible.

The Force and Midi-chlorians

Henry explains the Force and the "Midi-chlorian" (misprounounced here!) concept introduced in Episode 1 that explains the phenomena, and how it is similar to the stomach bug he picked up that has caused him to lose 25 pounds due to intestinal issues.

Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker

Jack doesn't know much about the Star Wars universe and Henry is almost offended that he mixes up Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

Natalie Portman

Henry explains Natalie Portman's role and his admiration for her.

Star Wars 101

Henry is annoyed at the fact that Jack doesn't know much about Star Wars.

More Sequels and Prequels

Jack asks if the prospect of more sequels or prequels bothers Henry.

All About Vader?

Jack asks if Star Wars is all about Darth Vader, and Henry talks about Fan Fiction.

A Review of the Star Wars Series

Jack asks for a review of the series which leads Henry to confess that George Lucas couldn't write his way out of a paper bag.

The Beatings

Henry was beaten several times while walking home from the premier of "Phantom Menace".

Star Wars Has Always Been Crap

Henry goes into the crappy history of Star Wars.

Why Does Henry Like Star Wars?

Jack asks Henry why he likes Star Wars so much if it's such a piece of shit.

The Midnight Show

Henry talks about the crowd at the midnight show he attended.

What the Future Holds

Henry speculates what his future holds now that the Star Wars saga has ended.

May the Force Be With You

Jack and Henry say goodbye.